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Hi, I'm Ali Asgar. I'm a student and a part time full stack web developer. My hobbies include creating electronic circuits like I recently fabricated a pcb to create a rf remote to control appliances like a TV etc by converting the received rf signals to ir signals with the help of an arduino.

Deisgning websites/programming for me is like an art, where my text editor is like a canvas and commands are like paint. The more I do it, the better I get at it. Writing code is a stress buster for me. The reason I love programming and creating new circuits is because I can solve everyday problems of mine and people around me to make their lives easier, happier and solve some of their frustrating problems. Like writing a simple python script to mark my attendance everyday while I study from home.


  1. HalaGold.com

    This is a custom, multilingual website to connect jewellery sellers with customers in Kuwait. While boasting a beautiful front end it also has a very sophisticated backend for both the admin and sellers with advance features like auto translate for those who can't enter in both languages, graphs and charts for data analysis and so on. The best part about the custom made dashboard is that it only uses ajax to exchange data and process requests, so the experience is smooth and fast. You can basically login, work all day and logout with absolutely no refreshes.

  2. RuhanaZariwala.com

    A simple and elegant resume.

  3. LuckyTyres.in

    One of my most complicated and sophisticated project of all time. Developed for a local business in my city, every bit of the website is custom made to suite the businesses needs. No plugins or third party softwares are used anywhere on the website. Order management system, login, checkout and everything else is fully custom made.
           Features include -

  4. Housie

    A fun and engaging multiplayer housie game. Once players create a team, each player has to pay $0.2 and they can join the game. All the money that is collected is given back to the top 3 winners.
           Features include -

I've worked on many more small and big projects since I started coding back when I was just 10 years old and used notepad on my PC to make small html websites. Apart from coding I even manage and run all of my and client's websites on my own Linux (VPS) servers which I manage through SSH as I have experience in managing and securing servers too. Please feel free to contact me using the contact form below if you have any queries or even if you just want to connect. Thanks for visiting my website !!


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